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Hello, my name is Adam…

September 25, 2008

…. and I am off my meds.

I read this article a few times before responding to it. Now, I’m about as anti-left as one can get, but I don’t know who to describe this article… nutty, maybe?

I don’t want the Conservatives transforming the country into their own image. I want them to give Canada back to Canadians. I want them reduce the influence of government over my life.

I want a strong, capable military. But I don’t exactly want the government running up massive deficits so they can build a huge “military-industrial complex” with ridiculous force projection capabilities.

It sounds like you just want to trade one large, intrusive government, for another. Except your version of it is through a nutty nationalist, imperialist lens.

As somebody who hails from “the right” to use the term broadly. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used those terms to characterize someone in open debate before.

But there it is…

Posted by: Mike Brock | 25-Sep-08 10:53:23 PM


Desperation, thy name is Adam Yoshida

July 27, 2008

Without (further) words.


The Lulz comment of the day

February 22, 2008

First in a series of the most retarded / funniest comment I can find on the Western Standard, I am not reading it regularly anymore, but from time to time I can’t resist


You folks know far better than I about the proper use of the term Libertarian, since it seems to be the political philosophy which is paraded on this blog as the “Conservative” ideology of Canada, which opposes your Liberals (political parties).

This unfortunate melding of the terms Libertarian and Conservative is the destructive force which destroyed the USA Republican Party.

Conservatives have only a sliver of shared beliefs with Libertarians, and greatly oppose the bulk or basis of the Libertarian philosophy, which is entirely Atheistic and narrowly self centered.

Conservatives are all about normal family, community, nation, etc. Conservatives are as anxious for expanded LIBERTY as possible, but liberty to preserve and build, not to destroy.

Libertarian is just an “I got mine, screw you” short sighted (e.g. Atheistic, Feminist, Homosexual) view or philosophy.

The criminal guy being discussed in this posting broke a law (in America) because that is how you make MONEY with a crappy horrible “product” you provide soemthing ILLEGAL and thus get a premium, way the hell above what he gets (I’m confident) from similar sales in Canada (where this crap is legal – or so I am now learning by reading this blog topic). He isn’t any sort of Libertarian icon, he is just a crappy bum criminal living off of ill gotten gains.

And Libertarians are NOT Conservatives by any stretch of the immagination, they just (like creepy Ron Paul) infiltrate a valid national political Party, and by seemingly sharing a small government (e.g. max freedom) philosophy, fool the optimistic people (i.e. the Conservatives of the Republican party) into thinking that they agree with the ORIGINALISTS, the Conservatives, who fight and strive to KEEP freedom, by holding onto the philosophical VERY RELIGIOUS AND FAMILY ORIENTED values of our founding fathers.

Legalizing marijuana is just a stupid loser notion for folks who have no connection to anyone other than a contracepted or homosexual orgasm.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 22-Feb-08 10:16:35 AM

All typos are the ones of the original author.