Bye bye “conservatives”

October 6, 2007

Oh, what sad news I just found, it seems “The Western Standard” is no more.

I remember when I bought a copy back in 2004, my so far one and only one. I bought it just after I had moved to Edmonton and decided to figure out what this “Western Canada” thing is all about, and what would fit better than “Western Standard”? I ended up buying a copy and starting to read it while having lunch / coffee at Ikea (hey, their food is good and I was still stuck in a Hotel).

Anyway, I remember almost laughing out loud about some of the articles. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a satire magazine or not, though when I ended up reading their website and blog it became pretty clear that this magazine was Canada’s version of the Fox News Channel.

So now the publication is coming to an end, it seems the average Canadian just isn’t in touch with the “conservative” values that the Western Standard is trying to push. In usual theatrical tones that are common to “conservatives” this is not really a defeat, oh no, it’s not like Canada rejected them, they won the “moral” victory:

We were unable to generate a financial rate of return, but we had an enormous moral rate of return. From our very first edition, back in March of 2004, we had a disproportionately large impact on the national discussion.

Sure sure, well Western Standard, so long, nice knowing ya, maybe you can call up Rupert Murdoch and see if he’s interested in publishing you.

On a side note: It is sort of funny how the defeat is trying to be twisted, a lot of the “ardent supporters” are yacking on (especially on the blog) how “market forces” will decide and that’s all you need, now that the market has spoken though they claim to have been betrayed. Sorry, still laughing over the news.



  1. Yep, you’re a really “bright” and “smart” commentator, aren’t you just?

  2. Depends on who you compare me to.

  3. I’d compare you to a troll.

    I’d love to see how the CBC would fare if left to it’s own devices; without gov’t welfare, market forces would undoubtedly crush it.

    BTW, have you been keeping track of the PAID” circulation of the Toronto Star? Let’s not count the thousands of ‘free” copies given out by retailers whom get them at a cut rate……..methinks the venerable Tor Star may be in trouble one day soon.

  4. How about we keep talking about the Western Standard and why it failed instead of trying to deflect on your “arch enemies” the CBC and the Toronto Star?

    It’s pretty clear in both cases that the majority of people still consideres them a viable source of information / entertainment, hence why the CBC still get some of the Government money and why the Toronto Star is still publishing.

    But who knows, maybe soon you can dance on the grave of the Toronto Star as well, as soon as they run out of money or not enough people are buying it, may be a long while though.

  5. From the “get go” the WS was on shaky financial ground; started with venture capital, it had to be profitable out of the gate to be safe. Venture capitalists tend to want heir money back whereas the CBC doesn’t have to compete.

    I do wonder about your comment about it being pretty clear that they offer a viable source of info/ entertainment; how is it “pretty clear”? The CBC counts amongst it’s supporters people in comunities that have zero alternatives, no cable, no money for sattelite, etc, etc, etc. The number of people that use the CBC at times other than hockey night in Canada and 6:00- 7:00 is nowhere near that og Global and CTV.

    I’d still really like to see the CBC support itself, that $$ would sure buy a lot of MRI machines. Fat chance though.

  6. I think you have missed the point of my post. First of all I am hardly happy for Ezra, I had business fail on me as well so I have an idea on how that feels.

    But that’s not the main point. If you read the comments on the Shotgun you would have realized that many of the “ardent supporters” were and are certain that the Western Standard is speaking for a vast majority of Canadians. That everybody hates the CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, the Government etc. just as much as they do. If only, if ONLY the people would know about the Standard.

    Well, Ezra surely got the word out (even on the CBC) about his mag with the Mohammad Cartoons and it still failed.

    The simple reality is: Canadians, by and large, don’t like to be told that things they consider valuable (e.g. the Healthcare system) sucks and it should be more like the US. But the strongest supporters of the Western Standard ALWAYS compare Canada to the US and how much Canada sucks in comparision. And you wonder why the Standard failed?

    As far as the CBC is concerned, most people don’t seem to have a problem with it, if so many people realy would hate the CBC and consider they are being fed crap they would have written to their PM or organized a grassroots movement, there are more than enough ways to get alternative information these days (not in the least the Internet), but face it, most Canadians LIKE the CBC, even Conservative Albertans (and I know quite a few of them myself, having lived in Edmonton for a while).

    Ezra and his followers may be dedicated, but they are still missing the general Canadian mindset by a few miles, a fact that you can also read in the topics on the Shotgun that drift more and more towards US centric topics than Canadian ones.

    Good luck to Ezra, but maybe the majority of the Shotgun / Standard Acolytes should do what Zebulon Pike has done and move to the promised land aka the United States, because clearly they aren’t happy here in Canuckistan.

  7. I don’t know why this thread got sidetracked onto the CBC but, I have a question for Snowrunner. If most Canadians “like” Mothercorp, why is it that, unless the NHL is on, its primetime viewership never exceeds 10% of the national market? Are all those “likers” masochists forcing themselves to watch other channels when they’d really rather tune in to xenophobic Neil MacDonald or to some childish Suzukian bullshit?

  8. It got sidetracked to the CBC because in typical “conservative” fashion one rather talks about the enemey then oneself, lest one had admit that one may be wrong.

    As far as your other question goes, I do not know. I know that my TV viewing habits have declined a lot in the last few years, the last time I did turn on the TV to watch live TV was probably three months or so ago. I tend to get my news from a variety of Websites (including CBC.ca) and most of my entertainment either comes on shiny discs or through my internet connection.

    As far as why most Canadians still may like the CBC outside of Hockey is probably (ironically) why you call it “Mothercorp”. It is a “symbol” for Canadians, it’s just “good to know” it’s there. Of course that’s pure speculation, but my point is, that if there would be enough people who would want to get rid of the CBC the few grassroots movements that have been launched by all kinds of “conservatives” would have gotten somewhere so far, and yet it seems most Canadians can’t be arsed.

    If the WS readers and all the others hate the CBC so much and what it stands for, put your money where your mouth is, buy some advertising (like moveon.org in the US did) in the MSM to alert people to your cause and push forward, until then alls you do is create a storm in a glass that nobody notices.

  9. Snowrunner,I too found that the Ws at first almost seemed satirical and then realized it was a hard right rag. Though I found that they and their readers readily slagged anything to the left or center as being the demise of the country and society in general,being from the left-center I naturally wrote this off as the typical right wing fearmongering that tends to come from many of the ‘Blue’ views.

    No biggy, heard the stuff from many on other forums like the G&M and recognize some of the posters and their train of thought.

    Though I wasn’t a believer of much of what was offered in reported stories, the WS did allow us to hear the other side’s voice and views(the minority R/W) and that’s what make’s Canada the free speaker it is.

    Also unlike sites such as Proud to be Canadian, the WS allowed postings from the left as freely as they did from the right.Cudo’s to them for that freedom of speech.

    As for the CBC, Conservatives will always whine about that because it is more to the center or left like the majority of Canadians, and it would be un-Conservative to approve of such.

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