Mark Steyn is an idiot

April 20, 2007

Just watch the Video.

What isn’t really too surprising either is that the Western Standard has kept surprisingly quiet over the whole thing. I guess Ezra is just hoping that nobody makes the connection to his little agenda driven magazine.

EDIT: As an added Bonus he is singing the same line again that was thrown around right after the shootings: “If only the students would have been armed”. The story he (and some other people) are re-telling is a school shooting where three students heard the shots, went back to their car, got their guns, regrouped and went after the gun man.

ALL the accounts of the shooting I have read seem to indicate that he had a very specific target in mind, not just going around shooting people like the guy on Monday.

But hey, never ever let facts get in the way if you can twist it so that it makes your point sound more valid.


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